English Channel Attempt Tomorrow

Posted on 7.4.12

Today I received a phone call from Paul Foreman, my pilot for my English Channel attempt, offering me an opportunity to swim tomorrow. He called from half way out on a crossing, reporting that the weather is exceptional and if I am ready to go now the day is mine. False alarms and early swims are part of the English Channel, and my plan has always been to take the first swimable day offered to me. I felt ready and prepared, and said yes!

So, in just a few sleepless hours, Scott and I will wake up and drive from Cheltenham, where we’re staying with Ollie, down to Dover. We are meeting Paul at 8am and the planned start of the swim, assuming the weather is still looking swimable, is 9am. Once the swim starts, you will be able to track my progress here. Also, Scott will be doing his best to update and post photos to twitter.