New Partner: Reflect Sports

Posted on 6.4.12

I am excited to announce a new partnership with Reflect Sports. 3 months ago, I did a product review of their Reflect H2O swim hair care products and fell in love.


Their products really are great - the shampoo is sulfate-free which significantly reduces hair damage, and if you have any coloring or treatment in your hair, it will last much longer. The conditioner leaves your hair silky smooth and easy to brush. My favorite, the Pre-Swim and Sun Protecting Gel, which you put in your hair before going in the water to avoid chlorine damage, is great because it coats your hair without causing your cap to slide off, since it is a gel and not conditioner. (Side Note: I ran out of the shampoo and conditioner just a few days ago - they lasted for 3 months! Yes, I shower :) And I still have plenty of Pre-Swim and Sun Protecting Gel).

You can try these products out at 10% off by using the code SWIMJEN10 - just enter the code at check out. You can also pick them up at a variety of local stores - you can search here by zipcode. Give Reflect H2O a try. Your hair with thank you!