Swimmer’s Hair

Posted on 3.18.12

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of trying out Reflect Sports’ Swim Hair Care line. Just as I was cursing my knotty hair for being too long and damaged to brush or do anything with, three large black bottles arrived at my door step.


I was thrilled to give them a try, especially the Pre-Swim and Sun Protecting Gel. I’ve made many attempts to prevent hair damage from my relentless chlorine exposure, only to find no significant change or my cap sliding off my head. Unlike conditioners, this product was more gel-like and did not leave my hair slippery, so my cap stays put the entire swim. My hair has also been much less dry, which causes my frayed ends to split less and reduces frizz.

I have been using the trio of Reflect Sports hair care products before ocean and pool swims for two weeks now and am pleasantly surprised. Before, I was convinced I needed to chop off at least three inches of damaged “hair” (it felt more like straw!). The ends are much more tame and corporative now. The conditioner has a much more dense consistency than other conditioners, but I find it leaves my hair silky smooth and incredibly easy to brush. It is a huge time saver in the mornings, and smells good too!