Swim Tips from Gerry Rodrigues

Posted on 1.18.12

Last week, the LA TriLab hosted esteemed coach and open water swimmer Gerry Rodrigues. Gerry’s seminar on how to massively improve your swim (mainly geared for triathletes) brought together almost 100 members into the tiny store.

Yoga Shakti

Posted on 1.16.12

While living in LA has many benefits, and one of those is that there are a myriad of yoga studios, one thing it does not have is Yoga Shakti.

IntelliSkin PostureCue Sports Bra

Posted on 1.5.12

IntelliSkin products are designed to engage the small, often forgotten posture muscles and bring awareness to how you carry yourself. Designed to enhance posture and promote healthy spinal alignment, the shirts claim to reduce the likelihood of neck, back, and shoulder pain, stimulate postural muscles, and promote recovery from workouts.

Release and Reset

Posted on 1.5.12

Time spent in water: 5 hours, 29 minutes, 10 seconds
Total yardage: 24,400
Miles driven: 300
Number of massages: 1
Pride of finishing my 7th Triple Crown: Priceless

GU Roctane Drink

Posted on 11.16.11

Fans of of GU Energy are already well aware that about a year ago, the company launched a new gel product called GU Roctane Gels. The Roctane gels are essentially amped up gels geared for ultra endurance performers. The gels utilize the same formula, but increase the amount of essential amino acids that contribute to performance and enhance recovery.

Yoga Shakti Level 2

Posted on 11.15.11

Last week I was only able to make it to Irvine once, but when I was there I made sure to get into one of the Yoga Shakti classes. I decided to be brave and take the Level 2 class with Lauren.

Early Morning Yoga

Posted on 11.4.11

This morning, I woke up at an ungodly hour and drove to Irvine to take my sister Katelyn’s early morning class at Yoga Shakti. Despite the early alarm, it was one of the most rewarding yoga classes I attended.

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