On Cross-training for Swimmers

Posted on 11.4.11

Benefits and types of relevant cross-training for swimmers.

Swimming Piers with Swimming Peers

Posted on 10.31.11

On Saturday, a small group of Southern California open water swimmers, myself included, set off for an adventuresome day of pier swimming. Forrest Nelson, Tina Neill, Dan Schumacher, and myself began our morning with a pier swim around Malibu pier, drove to Santa Monica and swam around that pier, drove to Venice and swam that pier, and so forth until we reached Ocean Beach in San Diego. It was an epic day of pier swimming.

Swim Pictures

Posted on 10.27.11

The last few weeks have been filled with many ocean adventures, despite the lower swimming volume I’ve been doing. I have basically been swimming just enough to keep a feel for the water and work on my stroke changes - oh yea, and slightly prepare but basically just maintain for an event that may or may not be happening this Saturday… (you’ll just have to wait until Sunday!).

Plastic Clothes

Posted on 10.25.11

A recent study in Environmental Science in Technology suggests that synthetic materials found in much of our clothing is removed during the washing process and making its way to our oceans and beaches.

Shoulder Update

Posted on 10.24.11

Okay, time for the long-procrastinated update about my shoulder and how the injury will impact upcoming training and swims. To make a long story short, I am on a surely-to-be-bumpy road to recovery and will still definitely swim the English Channel in 2012, and my Molokai plans are still up in the air.

Los Angeles Please Ban the Bag!

Posted on 10.24.11

With a unanimous vote by the Board of Public Works to urge the mayor to ban the bag, Los Angeles is one step closer to passing a citywide ordinance to ban single-use carryout bags.

English Channel Training

Posted on 10.23.11

Paul Newsome, the head coach at Swim Smooth recently completed the English Channel in a respectable time of 12 hours and 14 minutes in considerably rough conditions.

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